The Forsythia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to the support of women who are victims of domestic or spousal abuse. We provide safe haven and a healthy, structured home environment needed to readjust to a more normal way of life and establish a base for renewed educational and career growth.

Our vision is to :mother and daughter

  • Create a home for women who are victims of domestic abuse
  • Provide a safe refuge for single mothers and their children
  • Continue support as the women stabilize their home life and pursue important educational and occupational goals

Women who find themselves in an abusive relationship, are often mothers or expectant mothers, so it is essential to also remove the children from a potentially dangerous environment without separating them from their mother. Establishing a healthy and safe living situation is only the first step however. Without additional support, women are unfortunately more ‘at risk’ of returning to the same abusive relationship. That’s why our organization goes the extra mile to help prevent this from happening. As family life stabilizes, the Forsythia Foundation is committed to continued support by providing a home for abused women and day care services for their children while educational and occupational goals are accomplished. We believe this approach is more realistic and wholistic, and guarantees a much higher success rate than basic shelter services alone.

If you’re a woman currently suffering from domestic abuse, please contact us… our organization is connected to a broad spectrum of shelters and safe havens to help get you and your children out of an abusive and potentially dangerous living situation.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Forsythia Foundation accepts and appreciates monetary and other applicable donations. Please email us at with your name or company name, pledged donation amount or items being donated, and contact information. To contact us by phone, please call Suna Om at: (404)934-9000.